Shadow Council

The Shadow Council is a group of five beings who seek to limit and control the activities of the reploid race and further the destiny of humanity. They have actively used their influence to limit the effectiveness of the Maverick Hunters. They also have introduced the replicant armed robots into the general security forces around the world.

However there is division among the group. Some favor the use of cyborgs to bolster their own forces, while others see the concept as abhorrent. Going against the supposed leader of the group, two of the members have created a force of cyborgs and have rebuilt N in order to undermine the credibility of the Maverick Hunters.

Their main goals at the moment are to have the Maverick Hunters removed from power and replaced by their own more easily controlled forces, as they believe the problem in the world is the reploids themselves, and they see little difference between the Mavericks and the Hunters.