Maverick Hunter Mark

Emblem of the Maverick Hunters

The Maverick Hunters are an organization of Reploids that are tasked with policing and dealing with aberrant reploids (known as Mavericks). They have been active for a long time, nearly since the creation of reploids themselves.

They suffered a major blow during Sigma's attack on Metro North, where the entire city was wiped out. Major losses were suffered by both human and reploid. Afterwards a new force attacked their base in Arcadia City and Signas was called before a board of inquiry to answer for these latest losses the Hunters had suffered.

Signas spoke well at the meeting, pointing out how the Hunters have always been lacking in resources and soldiers to combat the menace of Mavericks. He argued the Hunters were not a small security force, but a global armed military response force that combats the ever increasing Maverick incidents. The council agreed to support the Hunters, while installing safeguards and new oversight in the group as well.